Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust (formed as Adyar Poonga Trust on 10th November 2006 and renamed as Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust on 13.05.2010) is wholly owned by Government of Tamil Nadu, primarily entrusted with Restoration of water bodies in Tamil Nadu


The Chief Secretary is the Chairman of the Trust. The Secretaries to the Government in the Finance Department, Municipal Administration .& Water Supply Department, Highways & Minor Ports Department, Public Works Department, Environment and Forest Department, Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Department and Commissioner of Chennai Corporation are the Ex-officio Trustees of the Trust. The Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Ltd is Member Secretary of the Trust.


  • To facilitate the development, maintenance and conservation of Eco Park by name"Adyar Poonga" at Adyar and any other places in Tamil Nadu, to bring best practices in order to create a demonstration and replicable model project of international standard, to fulfill the recreational and open space needs of the city creating a new landmark of international interest, to restore the natural state of the Adyar estuary and to enable the citizens of Chennai or any other place to interact with nature and learn about sustainable living;
  • To engage in the formulation, development, establishment, improvement of eco parks in the state of Tamil Nadu, in order to inter alia, regenerate the indigenous fauna and flora, maintain the forests, wetlands and other eco-systems of the region as parts of Bio Diversity, create / restore fresh water and saline water eco systems in terms of water conservation, and build recreational infrastructure, through appropriate development and deployment of resources;
  • To formulate plans and undertake implementation of programmes towards preservation of ecological and natural resources such as flora and fauna, water ways, water bodies, waste water recycling, preserving rare and all species of horticulture and eco balancing inter alia, with a view to minimizing and mitigating pollution;
  • To provide all assistance and facilities including all types of infrastructure and support systems in order to facilitate setting up of eco parks or other development so as to make available, clean air, water and place for plants and public to live in harmony and pollution free environment;
  • To evolve plans and programmes for funding for development / management and / or maintenance of eco parks in the state either through Government grants, Corpus Donations from Government agencies, general public, non-governmental organizations, voluntary organisations / institutions; levy of user charges or any other method as it deem fit;
  • To identify districts, cities, towns, places, areas for establishing the eco parks and acquire, acquitise, buy, take over, lands for setting up of eco parks in the state of Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas;
  • To facilitate obtaining necessary permissions, authorizations, concessions, clearances and the like for setting up of eco parks in the state with a motive of achieving the objectives given above; and
  • To formulate, evolve and identify suitable mechanism for augmenting necessary revenues through commercial operation or otherwise of some / all facilities of Eco parks either by way of fees, charges, donations, entrance ticket charges, sale of produces and the like.


  • Eco-Restoration of Adyar Creek (58 acres)
  • Eco-Restoration of for Adyar Creek and Estuary (300 acres)
  • Integrated Cooum River Eco-Restoration Plan